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Brickmont Assisted Living’s Guiding Principles

Posted by The Brickmont Assisted Living Team on Dec 15, 2019 8:00:00 AM | 3 minute read

Brickmont Assisted Living’s Guiding Principles

The mission of Brickmont Assisted Living is to honor seniors and cherish them for who they have been, who they are, and who they will become as they reside within our communities. Our purpose is to provide an unparalleled level of care and to make our community a place seniors are proud to call home.

At Brickmont Assisted Living, our motto is “live where you’re loved,” and we passionately deliver this promise every day to our residents. We also take our mission and purpose with the utmost sincerity, and we use our principles to guide our community to continuously meet the high standards we have set. Our guiding principles are:

  • Attentiveness and Trust
  • Passion
  • Respect
  • Excellence
  • Purpose
  • Stewardship

We truly believe these principles are what drive the success of our Brickmont Assisted Living communities. 

Attentiveness & Trust

At Brickmont Assisted Living, our professionally trained team members provide dedicated senior care to meet the needs of every resident. We listen and take prompt action to ensure our community’s environment is one where the residents trust our caregivers and are provided with the attention they deserve. 


At Brickmont Assisted Living, our employees demonstrate a passion for the industry we serve, and we wouldn’t want it any other way. We seek to hire joyful people with a passion for seniors and their well-being. 


While attentiveness, trust, and passion are vital elements to crafting the ideal senior living community, respect is a staple that holds it together. Brickmont Assisted Living provides our residents with the assistance and support they need, while also showing them the dignity and respect they deserve. 


From our caregivers to the services and amenities we provide, we want to give our residents an excellent experience that is unrivaled by any assisted living community. The same goes for our work environment; we want our employees to thrive and be happy to come to work! We are committed to our high standards for every area of our communities. 


We seek to provide a workplace and living space where our employees and residents can reach their full potential and thrive where they work and live. Growth never stops, and we foster that by giving our employees and residents purpose in our community. A sense of purpose is essential, not just for the function of our communities, but for the well-being of our employees and residents. According to leaders of the evidence-based positive psychology field, a sense of purpose is a cornerstone of happiness, flow, and a fulfilling and well-lived life. 


One of the main goals of Brickmont Assisted Living is to provide quality stewardship that utilizes our resources to craft successful and sustainable communities. Our plan is to grow our communities and services offered while retaining the rigorous quality standards we have set for ourselves. That means no cut corners or short cuts. We do everything the right way the first time. 

At Brickmont Assisted Living, we aim to please every employee and resident, and we go to extensive measures to ensure the quality of all communities. Our guiding principles help assure that our residents and employees are taken care of and are in an environment that promotes and fosters growth. We pride ourselves on great value, which is why we offer affordable living with a wide variety of features and amenities. 

If you would like to learn more about Brickmont Assisted Living’s communities throughout Georgia, you can visit our website or schedule a tour of one of our communities! 


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