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Celebrating the Holidays in Atlanta Assisted Living

Posted by The Brickmont Assisted Living Team on Dec 1, 2023 10:45:28 AM | 3 minute read


From reminiscing on years past to preparing for your favorite family traditions, the holidays are truly the most wonderful time of the year.

But when you or someone you love lives in an Atlanta assisted living community, you might wonder if this season will look different.

  • Will your family be able to visit you and celebrate in your new community? 
  • How will you ring in the holidays with your new neighbors? 

At Brickmont Assisted Living, we look forward to the holiday season all year and pride ourselves on creating a welcoming environment for holiday cheer. If you or a loved one are living in an assisted living community, it’s important to prioritize the holidays to commemorate this exciting new chapter of life. Here are some festive ideas to help you get started! 

Deck the Halls

Everyone has wonderful memories of decorating their homes for the holidays. From putting up colorful lights outside to trimming the Christmas tree with cherished family ornaments, the tradition of putting up decorations is one that most people have as a reminder of the season. 

If your loved one has recently moved to an assisted living community, or you’ve transitioned yourself, why not plan a day with friends and family to decorate your new space? Ask family members to bring along their favorite sentimental heirlooms, like ornaments made by grandchildren or the tree-topper that has been passed down for generations. Be sure to add your favorite holiday music to make for a festive day!

Plan a Gift Exchange

Exchanging and opening gifts is one of the most practiced holiday traditions, whether it's done with friends or relatives. If you or your loved one have always had a special place for this tradition, plan to keep it alive by scheduling a specific day to host a gift exchange. 

Or plan some type of white elephant gift exchange with members of the community to encourage camaraderie and connection! 

Get Involved in the Community

Atlanta assisted living communities know how important the holiday season is for individuals and families. As a result, they host a variety of activities and events to get people in the spirit and celebrate this wonderful time of year.

If you’ve recently moved to an assisted living community, attending and participating in these events can help you meet neighbors and peers and make you feel more comfortable in your new home. If they allow, invite friends and family to attend as well - after all, the holidays are about spending time with those you love!   

One Step at a Time

Whether you’re navigating your first year in an assisted living community or your family is working together to create a festive season for someone you love living in assisted living, it’s essential to take things one step at a time. 

Family celebrations will always look a bit different as the years go by, and this is natural. As people age, move to different locations, or embark on a new venture, celebrations will always have to change and transform into something new. 

Make Time for Rest and Relaxation

For some, the holidays are also associated with feelings of stress and the hustle and bustle of preparations. Whether you’re hosting your family or in charge of cooking the family meal for a holiday celebration, many things can cause excessive stress during this time of year. If you or a loved one have moved to an assisted living community, planning around this transition can also be stressful. 

Make sure that you and your family stay rested and prioritize self-care during this time in order to avoid any feelings of stress or burnout. 

Find Support from Loved Ones

It’s always important to ask for help when you need it, especially when planning new holiday traditions for your family. The holidays are about being around the people you love the most, so it’s important to reach out to your loved ones for support to ensure everyone can enjoy the holiday season. 

At Brickmont Assisted Living, our goal is to provide an environment that prioritizes resident health and well-being. To schedule a tour at Brickmont Assisted Living,  we invite you to contact our team today!

From all of us at Brickmont Assisted Living - Happy Holidays!

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