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What to Order When Eating Out with Diabetes

Posted by The Brickmont Assisted Living Team on Nov 1, 2018 8:00:00 AM | 2 minute read

eating out with diabetesAt Brickmont Assisted Living, we believe that in order to truly experience senior living with value, you should never have to eat bland meals - even when living with diabetes. Our diabetic residents can rely on our talented kitchen staff to please their taste buds while being mindful of their dietary restrictions. However, that only covers meals served in our community. What if you have plans to eat out at a restaurant?

Going out to dinner with friends or family can be a fun and exciting event, but when you have diabetes, it can be a bit more challenging to relax and enjoy yourself safely. We genuinely believe you do not have to sacrifice your fun outings, or your blood sugar levels, if you follow these tips for eating out with diabetes.


The safest route to take when ordering an appetizer is to choose fresh vegetables or fruits, nothing fried or creamed. You should also avoid broths, soups, and buttery rolls. If your table insists on ordering bread, then ask for a diabetic-friendly, whole-wheat option if available. Another excellent appetizer option is a salad - but, you must be cautious of cured meats, seasoned croutons, and creamy salad dressing. Be sure to ask your waiter or waitress what the sugar or fat content is in the dressing. If they do not know, try ordering olive oil and vinegar.


Main Courses

If you do get an appetizer, you need to be more cautious of the ingredients in your main entrée. Often, restaurants over serve the portions, so opt for a to-go box or split your meal with a dining companion to prevent overindulging. It is also essential to ask the waiter how dishes are prepared before ordering when eating out with diabetes.

Avoid terminology that includes fried, creamed, and cheesy. Either ask or choose dishes that are prepared by being grilled, roasted, broiled, or boiled. This goes for the entrée and the sides as well. Plain roasted vegetables are always a safe bet when ordering a side dish. Another factor to be cautious of with the main course is the sauce. If your dish comes drenched or cooked in sauce, ask for it to be on the side or not in the dish at all. Sauces can contain hidden sugars and fats that could offset your blood sugar levels.

senior living with value


If you are eating out with diabetes, it should not limit you from enjoying dessert with your friends or family. Although, like with the appetizers and main course, you do need to be strategic with what you choose. Some diabetic-friendly desserts include fresh fruits, sherbets, gelatins, ices, and even some plain cakes. In certain restaurants, they may also offer dessert options specific for those eating out with diabetes. 

Hopefully, these tips will help you or a loved one the next time you are eating out. At Brickmont, we pride ourselves in providing senior living with value, from our quality rooms to our healthy, delicious menus. If you would benefit from living in a community that values you, then contact us today.


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