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How to Best Support Those Living in Atlanta Memory Care

Posted by The Brickmont Assisted Living Team on May 15, 2024 11:20:05 AM | 4 minute read


Caring for a loved one with memory impairment is a profound commitment, one that often reshapes every aspect of a family's daily life. The decision to transition a family member into a memory care community is never taken lightly, as it heralds a change in how we perceive and deliver care. 

At Brickmont Assisted Living, we understand the complex emotions and practical challenges that come with this transition. Our memory care communities serving Atlanta, Georgia, stand as a beacon of support, designed to not only meet residents' day-to-day needs but also to empower family caregivers throughout the journey.

Understanding the Journey Into Memory Care

Memory care is tailored for individuals living with dementia, Alzheimer's, or other memory-related issues. It goes beyond the standard care of senior living levels like independent or assisted living to provide a nurturing, secure environment that allows residents to maintain their dignity and celebrate achievements in their daily lives. 

Family caregivers are often the first line of support, intimately bonded with their loved one’s memory loss progression. The decision to seek professional memory care is a pivotal moment, and it's essential to understand the unique needs of memory issues present.

Navigating the Caregiver's Path

Family caregivers face a myriad of challenges beyond the logistical aspects of care. The emotional toll of watching a loved one struggle with memory loss is significant and often paired with feelings of guilt, frustration, and helplessness. 

The time commitment involved in providing around-the-clock care can be exhausting, which is why having a full Atlanta memory care team ensures that families feel their loved ones are in the best hands.

Best Practices for Family Caregiver Support

Transitioning a loved one to memory care is just the beginning of the caregiver's role. It's also about ensuring that when a grandparent, parent, or close relative becomes part of a memory care community, the family is not left behind but instead is equipped to support them on their new path.

Familiarity and Environment

An integral part of this support system is creating a safe and familiar environment that echoes their memories and life experiences. Familiarity brings comfort, which, in turn, can help ease the anxiety often associated with memory loss. There are many ways to ensure the environment, both physical and emotional, is conducive to peace and comfort, from personalized mementos in their living space to consistent routines they can rely on.

Communication is Key

Effective communication strategies are also vital. Patience, a positive attitude, and the use of non-verbal cues can facilitate meaningful interactions. Brickmont's team is not only trained to support residents but also to provide families with these essential communication tools.

Positivity and Encouragement

Encouraging engagement and activities can significantly improve the quality of life for those in memory care. This engagement not only alleviates boredom but also helps maintain cognitive functions and physical abilities. Families are encouraged to participate in these activities and maintain an active role in their loved one's life, even from a distance.

Self Care

Lastly, family caregivers must take care of themselves to be able to take care of their loved ones effectively, recharge, and stave away feelings of burnout

The Path Forward

The transition to memory care is the beginning of a new chapter in the caregiver's and the resident's life. It is filled with opportunities for growth, empathy, and profound connections. By following the collective wisdom of experienced professionals in the field, and by tapping into the many resources available, family caregivers can find solace in providing the best support for their loved ones.

We recognize that this is an emotional and deeply personal endeavor for each family. As professional caregivers, our promise is to treat your family member as our own, ensuring their life is filled with the respect, safety, and joy they deserve. We extend our warmest invitation to begin this collaborative and supportive partnership with Brickmont Assisted Living, where memory care is more than a service—it's a commitment to life well-lived. 

We invite you to reach out to our team at Brickmont Assisted Living to explore how our memory care community could be the supportive environment your loved one deserves!

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