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How to Make a Loved One’s Memory Care Apartment Feel Like Home

Posted by The Brickmont Assisted Living Team on Mar 1, 2024 8:00:00 AM | 4 minute read


Transitioning a loved one to a memory care community can be an emotional and challenging time. In this new environment, creating a comforting, familiar space that feels like home is essential. This personalization can help ease the transition, reduce anxiety, and foster a sense of belonging.

Brickmont Assisted Living provides dementia care to individuals and families throughout Atlanta, Georgia. Our Silver Linings memory care is here to offer the comfort and security your loved one deserves while providing you and your family peace of mind. Below, our team walks through how to make your loved one's memory care apartment feel like home.

Choose Familiar Items from Home

Start by identifying a few beloved items from their home. It could be a favorite chair, a cherished painting, or a cozy blanket. These familiar objects will bring a sense of comfort and continuity. 

Ensure these items are safe and functional within the new space. For instance, a rug may bring warmth to the room, but before deciding whether to bring it with you, consider the potential tripping hazards it might cause.

Use Photos and Keepsakes

Photos connect us to our past and remind us of happy times. Create a photo wall with pictures of family members, dear friends, and memorable events. Display them in clear, easy-to-see frames. Add cherished mementos to their space. Whether it's a music box, a treasured book, or a collection of seashells, these keepsakes can evoke fond memories and spark joyful conversations.

Incorporate Favorite Colors or Patterns

Color can have a profound impact on our mood. That being said, certain colors can also positively affect those living with dementia, which can help you create a comforting environment in your loved one’s new apartment.  

Use your loved one's favorite colors or patterns in their decor. This could be a patterned bedspread, a vibrant wall color, or curtains in their favorite shade. Ensure the space is visually appealing, but avoid overly busy patterns that might cause sensory overload.

Safety Considerations in Decorating

When decorating a memory care apartment, it's essential to prioritize safety above everything else. This means taking steps to minimize the amount of clutter in the apartment and ensuring that pathways remain clear and easy to navigate. Choosing furniture with rounded corners is an excellent way to prevent injuries, as is securing any loose cords or rugs that might pose a tripping hazard. 

Lighting is also crucial, as it should be ample enough to allow for clear visibility but not so bright that it causes discomfort or glare. All decor items should be non-breakable and safe to handle so your loved one can engage with their surroundings without fear of injury or damage. Creating a safe and comfortable environment can help your loved one feel more secure and at ease in their living space.

Encourage Participation in the Decorating Process

​​When decorating a living space, involving your loved one in the process can be an empowering and meaningful experience. Allowing them to make decisions about the space, such as choosing where to hang a picture or what color throw pillows to get, can give them a sense of ownership and control over their environment. 

Even if their choices are guided or limited, their involvement can make the space more personalized and reflect their unique preferences and tastes. Ultimately, this can contribute to greater comfort, satisfaction, and overall well-being for your loved one.

Unique Challenges to Consider

Decorating a memory care apartment comes with unique challenges. Sensory overload can be an issue, so avoid excessive noise, bright lights, or strong smells. Ensure the space is accessible, considering any mobility issues your loved one may have. Check the community’s rules about what items can or can't be used in the decoration. Finally, balance between creating a familiar environment and providing stimulating elements to encourage engagement and activity.

Creating a home-like environment in a memory care apartment can significantly enhance your loved one's transition and well-being. You can create a comforting, familiar space that truly feels like home by choosing familiar items, using photos and keepsakes, incorporating favorite colors or patterns, prioritizing safety, and encouraging participation. Amidst the new routines and faces, this personalized space will serve as a haven of familiarity and comfort for your loved one.

We invite you to contact our dementia care team in Atlanta to learn more about how memory care at Brickmont Assisted Living can help your loved one thrive.

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