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Traveling with Senior Care Services in Mind

Posted by The Brickmont Assisted Living Team on Oct 15, 2018 8:00:00 AM | 4 minute read

senior care servicesWhile many people adore traveling and adventure, traveling can be a daunting task with how exhausting baggage claims and security screening can be. The older we become, the more we should enjoy traveling, so it is important to plan accordingly to make your trip a pleasurable one.

Planning is KEY!

It’s important to create an itinerary and choose a departure time that does not cause your loved ones to become very fatigued. Be sure to help book the flight for your loved one to ensure the itinerary is correct. Below is a list of ways to plan the trip for better comfortability and ease for you and your loved one.

  • Creating a list:
    • Include everything needing to be packed (clothing, toothbrush, passport, medications, list of medications with dosage, etc.)
    • Make certain you have everything included in the list when packing the night before returning home
  • Senior discounts and senior care services:
    • Keep in mind that some airlines do not offer senior discounts and those that do may not uphold all of your expectations
    • If needed, choose the disability option upon booking (some airlines require this option to be completed via phone while others allow it to be done in the online booking process)
  • Screening process:
    • Research and review available options to make your flight processes smoother, such as TSA Pre-Check
    • If your loved one has a pacemaker, be sure to let security know and prepare for a different screening process
  • Booking:senior care services
    • Book a non-stop flight to avoid the possibility of missing any connecting flights and reduce travel time significantly
    • If your loved one needs assistance, airlines also provide assistance to and from the gate, as getting help within the aircraft requires them to wait until all passengers have deplaned which prolongs seating time
  • Seating:
    • Ensure that your loved one is sitting in an aisle seat for easier mobility
  • Passing time:
    • Pack along activities such as puzzles or games that will not only be fun, but help pass the time
  • Clothing:
    • It’s best to wear loose, comfortable clothing to reduce the risk of becoming overheated, having high blood pressure, or hypertension due to long periods of sitting or standing

Tips for Your Travels

It is crucial to remember to keep up with basic senior care services while traveling such as maintaining hydration levels and eating nutritionally as some foods may not mix well with medications and can leave your loved to face problems with digestion.

Here is a list of tips to keep in mind once on vacation.

  • Prepare a carry-on bag that includes all the necessities you and your senior will need (wallet, passport, medications, list of medications and dosage amounts, travel documents, etc.)
  • Ask your loved one if they’d like a wheelchair, even if they do not necessarily need it; having one available will undoubtedly make security screening processes breezier and stress-free
  • Be cautious of what you post on social media or what you hang on your hotel room door. “Thieves know that travelers usually leave their passports, extra money and jewelry in their rooms […] you don’t want to advertise that you’re not there.
  • Once on vacation, keep a bag of emergency necessities with you at all times (i.e. medications, dosage list, water, snacks, activities, mini-fan (if it’s summer time), blanket, first-aid kit, etc.)


Choosing a cruise vacation is also a popular option with seniors as they feel more at ease and can enjoy all amenities and activities effortlessly. Cruise lines also offer care services for seniors such as electrical scooters and wheelchairs. Cruises are also open to individuals of all ages, so the entire family can tag along with you and your loved one. 

Next Steps

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