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The Value of Affordable Senior Living

Posted by The Brickmont Assisted Living Team on Jun 15, 2019 8:00:00 AM | 3 minute read

Brickmont Assisted Living - The Value of Affordable Senior Living

When we envision ourselves getting older and retiring, it’s reasonable to picture it in the comfort of our permanent home. While it sounds lovely, remaining in a home with such responsibility can be an anxious and isolated experience. Most seniors may have a plan with their money, and budget responsibly, but it isn’t always enough to live comfortably. Brickmont Assisted Living, with assisted living services throughout the Atlanta, Georgia, area, believes in affordable senior living to give your loved one the happiness and peace of mind they desire while offering comfortable assisted living.

Maintenance-Free Living

A lifestyle that is free of home maintenance and the expenses that accompany it come with it can leave your loved one with plenty of time to enjoy their life. Senior living takes care of everything for seniors by fully maintaining their homes. No more mowing the grass, cleaning the gutters, or having to worry about an unexpected electrical issue or a leaky roof. It’s like living at home not having to worry about housework, and having indoor and outdoor spaces to relax, socialize, and interact. While you could live at home, it’s hard to balance time between maintaining a home and living life to the fullest.

Meaningful Engagement

Just when you thought being free of maintenance was the best part of senior living, the exciting outings, events, classes, social gatherings, and activities for residents are equally exciting! To age successfully, it’s essential to live a healthy lifestyle. Brickmont Assisted Living recognizes this and offers a variety of care options to fulfill your loved one’s needs.

Living Independently

Research shows that seniors who choose to live at home are more likely to be unhappy and unhealthy because of isolation. One of the most common worries about moving into a living community is that it will compromise older adults’ independence, which is not the case. Seniors who move into a senior living community have more amenity options, an enhanced social life, freedom, and are known to have better health. Affordable senior living communities allow seniors to experience independence and provides a community of similar people that will provide a supportive, engaging network for your loved one.Brickmont Assisted Living - The Value of Affordable Senior Living


Aside from the fear of losing independence, affordability is a huge concern when thinking of senior living. Imagine not having mortgage costs, utility bills, property taxes, home maintenance repairs, and buying and cooking food. These costs quickly add up, and without them, all senior living options at Brickmont can be comfortably affordable when budgeted correctly. Living at home paying all the necessary bills adds a lot of stress to your loved one, stress they may not be able to handle. Unnecessary pressure isn’t good for anyone, especially older adults. Talk to your loved one about affordable senior living and the opportunities it may open up for them!

Many older adults aren’t aware that senior living can be affordable. We recommend that you and your loved one research the value found in senior living communities and consider the drawbacks of living at home. The moment your loved one steps through the doors at our community, they’ll experience a stress-free environment that features an array of appealing amenities and services.

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