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Assisting with Appointments to Maintain Senior Health

Posted by The Brickmont Assisted Living Team on Jun 1, 2019 8:00:00 AM | 3 minute read

Brickmont Assisted Living Senior Health Doctor

Senior health can sometimes be challenging to navigate. While assisting your loved one to a doctor’s appointment may not seem like it could be rough, it actually requires a lot of effort; more than most people think. While a retirement community may help solve these issues, you may have a loved one that prefers to stay at home. With that decision comes some maintenance that you will have to pick up on. It may not seem necessary, but assisting your loved one to a doctor’s appointment could actually help

While senior living communities like Brickmont Assisted Living can significantly help you and your family, we also see the benefit of taking certain matters into your own hands. We would like to highlight a few tips to help with your next doctor’s appointment.

Insurance Information

Before selecting a doctor, your loved one must know if that doctor accepts their insurance. Frequently, the closest doctor to your loved one’s home is not necessarily considered “In-Network” and might be a more expensive option than necessary. Although being close makes attending appointments easier, the cost of attending an “Out of Network” doctor may not be worth that benefit.

Research which doctors are in your area and are in your family member’s healthcare network. Many times, their insurance company can refer you to local physicians and clinics that accept their policy. If your loved one does not have insurance, it may be worth looking into Medicare and seeing how and when they can qualify for benefits.

Prepare for Questions

Maintaining your parent or family member's senior health is no walk in the park, and while you may think there’s no real preparation needed, there is. You have been tasked with taking your loved one to a doctor’s appointment, and that requires a lot of care and a lot of thinking. You should speak to your family member before making the trip and figure out what is bothering them the most. Ask them questions about their day-to-day life and even about their medications.Brickmont Assisted Living Senior Health Doctor

Planning is one of the vital steps to genuinely improving your experience at the doctor's office. Take a few minutes to sit down with your family member and figure out what they expect out of this visit, ask what, if anything, is bothering them.

Make Them Comfortable

While having a primary physician is a great thing, it doesn’t mean that they’re all looking to be your loved one’s best friend. Doctors are regular people too, so there are some that your family member will get along with and some they may not get along with. You want to make sure that the doctor and your loved one get along because it will make the appointment stress-free, quick, and easy.

If your loved one and their doctor always argue or don’t agree with each other’s personalities, it can make the appointment slow, painful, and unbearable. Once you and your family member find someone they click with, they’ll be much happier to go and see a friend, rather than a stranger!

If the senior in your life requires additional assistance, a senior living community may be the best option for them. Senior health is an important subject. Fortunately, there are retirement communities like Brickmont Assisted Living may offer some respite for you and your loved one.

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A senior living community such as Brickmont Assisted Living may be the best option for your loved one if they need assistance in their daily routine. Our communities are located throughout Atlanta, Georgia, including John's Creek, Milton, Woodstock, Acworth, and West Cobb. Our dedicated care team assists residents with daily tasks as well as preparing for physician appointments. For more information on our senior living services, contact us!

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