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Making Assisted Living Meaningful

Posted by The Brickmont Assisted Living Team on May 15, 2019 8:00:00 AM | 3 minute read

Brickmont Making Assisted Living Meaningful

Is your loved one anticipating a transition into a senior living community in the near future? Moving into a senior living community can be a positive life choice as well in addition to a wonderful experience. For some, moving may seem like an overwhelming change that they may not feel ready for. With a little planning, the transition to assisted living can be an easier one. Meanwhile, Brickmont Assisted Living has a few tips to help a loved one better adjust to a senior living community:

Pick the Best Community for Your Needs

In order to know what is best for a loved one, it is important to do research, read reviews, and find out what current residents think of their home. It is important to research the reviews of the community, as negative reviews may indicate warning signs. Look for a place that provides features, assistance, and amenities needed to be happy.  Schedule a visit to get a feel for the community before your loved one makes any final decisions.

Maintain A Sense of Independence

Maintaining an active social life will ensure that a loved one socializes with others instead of staying isolated in their room. Socializing increases self-esteem and confidence to give the senior in your life a greater sense of independence. Maintaining fitness and health will mean additional mobility for assisted living members. If your loved one stays physically fit, they can move around and go to places without the assistance of others. At Brickmont, we have a variety of physical activities available to keep our residents independently strong!

Make Your New Living Space Feel Like Home

Your loved one’s new living suite can feel like a whole new place and may be uncomfortable at first. Make the new room feel more like home by decorating the area to match their sense of style. Decorate familiar items from their previous home, like pillows and blankets, pictures, favorite paintings, and photos of the family. Layering an unfamiliar environment with meaningful objects will surely transform their new living area into something comfortable and familiar. With all of the little touches added, the more it will start to feel like home!

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Keep A Positive Attitude

A loved one’s outlook on the move can significantly influence how they feel in their new living arrangements. Having a positive attitude about the transition will make the move a lot less complicated and more natural to adjust to over time. Help them find a balance between anxiety and excitement. Once they find a place and move in, try referring it to “home” instead of the “assisted living community” it may seem weird at first, but this action can make a big difference on how they perceive the new residence.

Make Your New Community A Home

Let your loved one know to not be afraid of getting involved and meeting new neighbors. Some of the greatest friendships they might ever have could be waiting for them at their new home. Don’t let them get discouraged if the first couple of days are hard, they will soon learn to see their new surroundings as home. Once they realize that they can keep living their everyday life as usual, but with the extra help, activities, amenities, and more, they’ll be glad the change was made.


At Brickmont, resident health and wellbeing are of the utmost importance to us! We provide outstanding care and services that not only surpass expectations but also increases the enjoyment and quality of your life!

If you feel like Brickmont Assisted Living may be right for you to schedule a visit on our website!

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